Cabin Bookings

The Ozelanka Alpine Club manages two cabins.  If you’d like to book a cabin, please read the following guidelines:

  • Cabins are booked on a first-come first-serve basis
  • Fees are $10/person/night
  • Please consult the appropriate cabin information on this website regarding available facilities and amenities at each cabin
  • Please note that if you are a small group (2 people), the club may book other small groups into the cabin during your stay.  Please respect other people and wildlife during your stay.
  • Cabins are not considered booked until we receive payment.

Booking a cabin: please send your booking request via e-mail to: with the following information:

  • Cabin requested (Eagle Glacier or Ozalenka)
  • Dates requested
  • Number of people in your party
  • Contact information (including e-mail and phone

Payment: currently, we ask that you send a cheque in the mail to the following address: <<OAC to identify payment options>>


The calendar below shows available dates for each cabin: